Examples of Problems Solved by Telemetry BI

Access to Branch Data and Reports were late or non-
existent (by both branch and regional managers) – 35 branches and 3
regions with two different types of P&L.
Access to custom reports but script-based reports were
developed improperly and were inaccurate.
Branches had different business rules that could not be
supported by systems or staff.
Marketing and Expense accounts were too complex.
Managers could not predict, with any consistency or
accuracy, what the business would close in the current
month let alone in future months.
How can I track “leakage”?
Company is too dependent on one off reports (in some cases
only one person knew how to compile these reports)
Lack of relevant goals and budgets meant little to no
measurement of sales and financial performance.
Lack of understanding of cost (per loan) and break even
point for company and branches.
Pricing, margins, and predictable outcomes (both dollars
and BPS)
What can I distribute without jeopardizing the company
required covenants?
How can I triage my active files? Lock expiration, ways to
close, missing items?
…..and more